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Welcome! We’re so happy you have arrived at our site. You’re probably wondering what’s the go with Epsom Salts?

Well to put it simply, Epsom Salts are a naturally occurring mineral, commonly known as magnesium sulfate. These so-called Epsom salts are not a trendy, ‘just’ discovered new ingredient to the health and wellness space. They have a long history of use in traditional Chinese medicine and were discovered roughly in the 17th century in England in a saline spring.

Nowadays, Epsom Salts are obtained directly from dry lake beds and naturally sourced and refined for products such as our Bathefex Epsom Salt solutions.

If there is one thing for sure at Bathefex, it’s that we love baths and selfcare and maybe everything else in between. But baths paired with selfcare, we really love. When we envision selfcare, it usually involves a warm, delightful bath (preferably one of those chic clawfoot tubs you see in the movies or at luxe Air BnB’s) with some candles, some music and even further, some Epsom Salts.

The ingredients used in Bathefex Epsom Salts help to promote relaxation, fight inflammation, and relieve annoying things aches and pains.

We want our salts to be used as an everyday luxury. We pride ourselves one a great quality product with an even more excellent price. So, you don’t have to save our salts for a special occasion. What we’re hinting at is: you can have a bath everyday with Bathefex.

Our range is complete with salts which cater to athletes with sore muscles, tired mums, “I think I’m getting sick” teenagers and anyone who just needs a moment to chill out – because let’s be honest, that is everyone at some point.

Shop the range now.

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